Wednesday, 19 January 2011


You know what they say, "be careful what you wish for" well, for the past few months I have been wishing for a place in this years UTMB - and guess what; this afternoon I got my wish.

This is fantastic news but it does mean that things have to kind of get serious now. My training has gone really well over the last couple of months and, despite the poor weather, I managed my highest monthly mileage for 2 1/2 years in December! - thank goodness for micro-spikes. January has satrted off well and I've joined a gym to try and put in some strength work.

At the moment my weekly schedule looks something like this:

Monday - 6:30am gym

Tuesday - Steady 5 miles

Wednesday - either run to and from work (7 miles each way) or a 10 mile run in the evening

Thursday - 6:30am gym

Friday - run to and from work

Saturday - rest

Sunday - long run (15 - 20 miles)

This equates to around 50 miles per week and given my other committments is probably about as much as I can manage. I aim to take 1 day off work a month and do a long day in the hills and make one of my Sunday runs a month up around the 25-30 mile mark.

Now that the reality of have a place has sunk in, I'll need to have a look at my schedule and see what changes I need to make. I'll need to calm down first though!!!!!!