Thursday, 2 June 2011

Response to Comments

Thanks for all your comments on my last post - very helpful.
I'll take them one at a time if I may:
Tim - It's a long time since I've been referred to as a Youngster and for that, I thank you.
MtM - Wise words as ever and I will continue to seek out some hills - at walking pace.
John K - You're right when you say that if I don't go, I'll never know how I would have done.
Andy C - Your words probably struck the biggest chord with me. My own view has been that running is secondary in this event (except for the fast boys at the sharp end of the race). What is important is the ability to keep on going, to never give up and the finish line will surely come, Determination, I have in shed loads!
Ritchie - I admire your view and your TTFU attitude. There is some merit in that but I am wary of pushing too hard and setting myself back even further.
TM - Beer and whisky are always beneficial!
Debs - It is very difficult not to be influenced by the financial outlays made so far but you are right - what would my position be if these issues were set aside?
So, the upshot of all this is that I currently have no intention of pulling out. I will keep cross training like a demon, Climb hills when I can and keep the physio and stretching going so that hopefully, I'll be back to my ususal mediocre form in no time.
Stuart Mills posted recently about the Ultra Running community and the willingness of it's members to support and help each other irrespective of where you come at the finish line. Thank you to all who commented.


Davie said...

I didn't comment earlier, as I'm sure you have a good knowledge of your injury from your physio. However on the matter of hillwalking - I did note a podiatrist's view on treatment of the injury was to advise using walking BOOTS with full ankle support as a measure to strengthen the ankle during exercise.
Also a range of strengthening exercises to start when the pain subsides.
gives some good exercises.
One other point that is worth remembering. In order to treat a tendon injury it is important to treat the entire muscle connected to the tendon. It is probabale that the tendoitis is due to the cramps which may still be in spasm although causing pain in the tendon rather than in the calf. This needs to be released.As you will see from the diagram on the above site, the muscle does connect to the rear of the shin fairly high up. A deep muscle massage is recommended but you can self massage quite easily although you will be unlikely to go as deep as a masseur. If you haven't already addressed this I would give it some consideration.

Tim said...

Hi Graeme, although I may be a "quitter" I'm glad to hear you're going for it. I think if your head's in the right place you will do it. My problem this year has been one of conflicting family demands that make my need to run a race rather pale into insignificance so I couldn't really concentrate on my training or indeed justify it. Good luck!